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Water Tank Cleaning Services

It is a known fact that contaminated and unclean water can do severe damage to one’s health. Untreated dirty water kills more people a year than war and all other forms of violence combined.

Residents of the UAE receive water through tanks that can get a bit tricky over time, as tanks are prone to a build-up of debris and contaminants, which could result in the creation of dangerous bacteria and other water-borne diseases.

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    Water Tank Cleaning Service in Dubai

    WeFixUAE offers a variety of different water tank cleaning services for you and here is why a water tank needs to be regularly serviced;

    • Water Quality will Drastically Improve
    • Prevents Repair Bills
    • Gets Rid of Foul Smell
    • Improves Tank Life
    • Makes you Healthier
    • Bad Smell

    Here are five reasons why you should book water tank cleaning services today.

    Water Quality will Drastically Improve

    One of the most compelling reasons to get water tank cleaning done is that it gets rid of all the potentially dangerous contaminants and impurities that are hidden in your tank. This ensures that you have safe and clean water to use every time and reduces the chances of you and your family to fall ill due to unclean water.

    Prevents Repair Bills

    Another reason to book water tank cleaning services is that it’ll prevent you from unnecessary repair bills. During the duration of tank cleaning, other hardware of your tank will also be inspected to ensure that they are all functioning correctly. In the case that something seems to be a bit damaged you can take timely action before any serious harm is done to the tank.

    Gets Rid of Foul Smell

    One of the major indications of a dirty and contaminated water tank is the foul and pungent smell it starts to disperse. The smell causes the water to taste bad as well. Contaminants or even algae growing inside your water tank could be the cause of the smell.

    By getting your water tank cleaned regularly you can get rid of the foul smell along with removing the algae growing inside.

    Improves Tank Life

    Regular water tank cleaning is vital as it gets rids of the perilous build up that could potentially damage the structure of your tank and cause it permanent harm that could result in you having to replace your tank with a new one.

    By getting your tank cleaned you can guarantee the longevity of your tank and you wouldn’t have to worry about replacements.

    Makes you Healthier

    The most important reason why you should seriously consider getting your water tank cleaned is because it’s necessary for your health. You don’t know the kind of dangerous contaminants and pollutants are lurking in your tank, which you could most likely be consuming.

    By getting your tank cleaned you would successfully be able to drastically reduce the chances of falling sick by water borne diseases and be able to provide safe and healthy water to your family.

    Bad Smell

    Air conditioning units are recirculating the air within the room. Therefore, smells and odors build upon the cooling coils. The system is removing the moisture from the atmosphere, and therefore, you can have a build-up of bacteria that can only be removed with specialist chemicals. Having the units regularly serviced is a sure-fire way of eliminating these bad smells.


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