Painting Services in Dubai

Are you currently living in Dubai and thinking of revamping the walls of your home? Are you tired of the way your home is looking now and are craving a bit of a change? The painting services offered by us are exactly what you NEED.

Whether it’s your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room or literally any part of the house, WeFixUAE will transform your home and give you exactly the wall makeover that you wanted.

The perfectionists employed at WeFixUAE are skilled at wall paintings and will give your home an absolutely flawless finish.

We also offer both painting and wallpaper services.

Can’t decide whether to go for wallpaper or paint?   Let us help you out by comparing the two. 

    Preparation and Removal

    Both the preparation and removal of wallpapers is a lot more difficult, time consuming and costly than that of paint. Paint cant be fully removed which is why it has to be scraped and painted over, this, if not done professionally can possibly look unfinished and un-neat.


    When it comes to variety there is limitless choice in both. Wallpapers are making a major comeback and are available in stunning designs. This factor depends entirely on which you think will match your style aesthetic more and would be better for your home in the long run.

    One of the best parts about wallpapers is that along with designs there are also a variety of textures available. You can also get textures with paints as well but that requires special application techniques which are time consuming and costly.


    Wallpapers if applied professionally and through correct preparation are extremely durable and long lasting. They are perfect for homes with children as they are a lot more resistant to wear and tear and come in scrubbable varieties. However areas with extremely high moisture such as bathrooms may cause the wallpaper to peel from corners as it is applied with adhesive.

    Paints, even though not as durable as wallpaper, require a much easier preparation and are a lot more inexpensive. Paint is also now available in dust and dirt resistant varieties as well. Paints however do get chipped and damaged which require repainting.


    The overall preparation and application process of wallpaper is a little more costly than paint. Since wallpaper is bought in rolls, those also tend to cost a lot more than paint hence it can be said that wallpaper services are likely to cost you more than paint services.

    However it is understood that prices may vary depending on the wallpaper design and type you choose or the type of paint you choose.

    Still can’t decide? How about both!

    You don’t necessarily have to choose between the two. You can always mix up and add a bit of versatility your walls, by using a combination of both wallpaper and paint. A major trending design is having one wall of brightly colored and floral wallpaper while the rest of the walls cater to simple and cool paint.

    Request a quote now by filling out the form above and find out more about our various painting and wallpaper services available in Dubai. Don’t hesitate to ask us for custom solutions, we are here to help you transform your home to exactly what you dreamed of.

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