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Are you looking for an all in one amazing maintenance company in UAE that has incomparable services with the best possible rates and specialists in all possible home maintenance fields? With WeFixUAE your search is over. There isn’t a limit to the number of services offered by them, all done highly professionally and to perfection.

Here are a few of the many services offered by them.

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    Maintenance Company Services in Dubai We Fix UAE

    WeFix offers a full range of home maintenance services. Here is a complete list:

    • AC Services
    • AC Duct Cleaning
    • AC Installation and Maintenance
    • Disinfection of ACs
    • Electrical Services
    • Fault Finding and Repairs
    • Switches and Sockets
    • Special Installations
    • Plumbing Services
    • New Installations
    • Bathroom Refurbishment
    • Unblocking Drains and Sinks
    • Handyman Services
    • Painting and Wallpaper
    • Water Tank Cleaning

    Incomparable Services With The Best Possible Prices

    AC Services

    With temperatures as high and humid as those in UAE and especially Dubai, survival without air conditioning is next to impossible. With AC installations come a series of issues that are absolutely inevitable regardless of brand or quality.

    There are a few common problems that you may have with your air conditioner in Dubai which include leaking water, inability to cool, and excessive noise.

    WeFixUAE provides you with all the necessary services you could possibly need in order to keep your air conditioners up and running and ensure that they are well maintained.

    Here are a few of the air-conditioning problems that WeFixUAE can help you combat.

    AC Dust Cleaning

    AC Dust Cleaning

    A common problem faced by ACs in the UAE is a build-up of dust caused more so due to the desert winds. This can drastically impact your AC’s performance and cause further technical problems in it. The dust can also permanently damage the ducts of the AC. WeFixUAE have experts who efficiently eradicate dust entirely from air conditioners especially the ducts and help them reach their maximum potential in performance

    AC Installation and Maintenance

    Proper installation and maintenance can do wonders on how your AC performs in the long run. It’s best that you opt for people who are specialists in the field or are a renowned maintenance company such as WeFixUAE who know what they’re doing.

    Disinfection of ACs

    With time built up of dirt and debris can cause the production of harmful bacteria in your AC, which will undeniably release in the air you breathe in. It is highly important that you have your ACs disinfected on a regular basis. WeFixUAE can help purify your ACs to the utmost level and ensure that you breathe in fresh and clean air.

    Electrical Services

    The importance of getting the best possible and highest quality electrical services is absolutely necessary. This is something that shouldn’t be compromised in the slightest as the safety of your home and family falls on it. WeFixUAE offers the finest home maintenance services in Dubai and have highly qualified and accomplished electrical experts working for them.

    WeFixUAE offers all the possible electric services you could need for your home, some of which include.

    Fault Finding and Repairs

    Locating a fault in your electrical system and immediately repairing it is crucial for the safety of your home and to avoid any type of hazard. Our experts can locate faults in record time and can instantly make the necessary repairs for you.

    Switches and Sockets

    With the number of electrical devices increasing day by day its rare that you have enough sockets in your home to cater to them all. WeFixUAE can help combat this problem by adding in new sockets and installing worn out or dysfunctional switches in your home along with ensuring that the safety of your home isn’t compromised.

    Special Installations

    From light installations to fancy home entertainment systems who doesn’t want to tweak and add features to beautify their homes and make it more convenient. However along with making these changes it is important that you always reach out to professionals such as WeFixUAE who know what they are doing.

    Plumbing Services

    Due to the excessive humidity in the air, residents of UAE and Dubai, in particular, suffer from major plumbing issues such as rusted and worn out pipes, leaky taps, and lack of water pressure. WeFixUAE can fix almost any possible plumbing issue for you at the best prices without compromising quality.

    Here are some of the plumbing services WeFixUAE has to offer.

    New Installations

    Tired of your rusted and outdated taps? Get new ones installed right away by skilled professionals at WeFixUAE who use only the finest products that will last you a lifetime.

    Bathroom Refurbishment

    Are you looking to change the entire look of your bathroom to something more modernistic and in accordance to your taste but are worried that it will cost you an arm and a leg? Bid your worries goodbye, as WeFixUAE will not only build you the bathroom of your dreams but that too in the best possible prices.

    Unblocking Drains and Sinks

    It can be extremely distressing having to deal with blocked drains and sinks. The blockage can also do permanent damage to your pipes and valves, which is why it is best to deal with this situation immediately and hire professionals to fix the situation.

    Handyman Services

    Whether its kitchen or bathroom refurbishment according to your liking, the finest and seamless carpentry, plumbing, painting services or repair jobs, WeFixUAE can help you vamp up your home in pretty much any way possible.

    They offer a variety of handyman services and have maestros and the respective fields for the job. No matter how small or big the repair job is, how complicated the furniture assembly is or how intricate the painting job is, WeFixUAE can handle it all and that to in amazing prices. Also, you don’t have to worry about tools as they have all equipment necessary.

    Painting and Wallpaper

    Are the cracks in your paint job or the withering wallpaper getting to you or are you just tired of the way the walls of your home look currently and are looking for a refreshing new change? Doesn’t matter as WeFixUAE can give you exactly what you need to make your walls home and you happy. Our maestros make the job look absolutely seamless and stunningly beautiful.

    Contact WeFixUAE and get a free estimate of how much your new walls are going to cost you. You can also speak to our consultants and get help in deciding on whether to opt for paint or wallpaper.

    Water Tank Cleaning

    The consequences of having a filthy and dirty water tank are extremely dangerous, as we all know. The dirt can cause build up of extremely harmful bacteria that will soon enough lurk in your pipes and consequently end up in your body.

    This will inevitably impact your health and put you and your family at risk. The dirty water can also cause a foul smell in the water and can also damage your water tank that will result in humongous repair bills.

    It is absolutely necessary that you get water tank cleaning services done on a regular basis. WeFixUAE offers this service like no other in UAE. Not only do they do a thorough cleaning with safe yet highly effective products they also check up on your tank to ensure that there aren’t any hidden or underlying damages.

    A good water tank cleaning service will improve your water quality drastically, make you and your family healthier and remove all foul smell.


    If you happen to live in Dubai or anywhere in the UAE, contact us right away or visit our website to find out more about our services and get a free quote. In just a few simple steps you can revamp and refurbish your home to your desires.

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