The Top Kitchen Design Trends of 2021

If you plan to renovate your kitchen or design a new one from scratch, then this article is for you.

A great kitchen design has a personality and elegance symbolizing the household, but it also has a touch of the latest trends. Old fashioned kitchens were neither energy-efficient nor were cuisine-friendly. Fancy fresh ideas can change the way you feel about the kitchen. Even if you are a conventionalist, there is a lot that you will love.

Let’s check the latest kitchen design trends that can make your kitchen shine.

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    At # 1 Kitchen Design: Dark Palette Kitchen

    Black or Dark Palette is super trending this year. From Dark Kitchen Floorings to Dark Cabinet, we can set up everything Dark and bleak, giving your kitchen a sleek deep look.

    Our designers suggest that these kitchens should be equipped with good ambient lights, from LED strips to cabinet lighting – everything has to glow to make the room visibility experience great.

    Some of our designers recommend the contrast approach for the conventionalist. The walls and flooring need to be kept white or woody, and the color of the cabinets shiny black.

    At # 2 Kitchen Design: Wood Cabinets

    Wood cabinets are a great way to express your love for tradition and style. It puts the kitchen into the rare and expensive class. We can also whitewash these cabinets for a lighter tone to make them look more classy.

    Doing the cabinets with lighter woods and fresher woods is trending. Moreover, if you accompany these designs with some great kitchen hardware, your kitchen will look fabulous.

    If you have access to sunlight directly in your kitchen, maybe this is the best one for you. Moreover, you can add some big windows and brickwork for walls to give you an elegant look.

    At # 3 Kitchen Design: Kitchen Sinks

    Sinks can get so cool and funky. They can be fully functional and imaginative. A new sink can give you more space and fewer worries.

    New sinks have a built-in movable chopping area. They can also be sound absorbent. With unexpected finishes and style, these sinks can make your kitchen amazing.

    Some sinks give a mate carbon-look and look really great, and look like fancy kitchen gadgets. The placement of the sink on a kitchen island is also another new hot trend.

    Photo by Aaron Huber on Unsplash

    At # 4 Kitchen Design: Up-Cabinet Kitchen

    The new sleek look that the up cabinet can give to your modern kitchen is remarkable. Further, the best part is that the cabinet can give you extra space for storage and collection.

    Put your once in a year used crockery in these cabinets. For a more glossy look, we add glass to the uppermost cabinet and place a LED light inside to glow. Due to that, it results in a fabulous showcasing of your pottery and ceramics.

    This idea is a resurrection of the traditional kitchenette but with more elegance and a ritzy look.

    At # 5 Kitchen Design: Kitchen Rangehood

    The rangehood can be a pretty amazing gadget to add a high-tech look to your kitchen. Traditionally we have been hiding the hoods behind the cabinet. But the new trends demand a more revealing look.

    Put the hood in the middle of the house, just above an island with the stove cooktops. It gives seamless integration of high-tech with traditions. With some seats around the island, you can add a dining table to your kitchenette.

    The new range hood can also come with some different designs that are way more attractive. Contact us here for more details and a quote.

    At # 6 Kitchen Design: Several Kitchen Islands and Cantilevered Islands

    Adding some classy islands can shape your kitchen’s look. Don’t add one. Add two or even three if your kitchen is spacious. We have to be creative. Therefore, we can split it up or give them a high-low look.

    We have also designed a new one with a connecting slab between two islands that give it a dining table look. This new island action can spice your kitchen up.

    These islands can have some cabinets or can also have a splash look. Choose the style that best fits your interior.

    At # 7 Kitchen Design: Smart Kitchen Hardware

    Adding hot smart kitchen hardware can make your kitchen look really fabulous. It rejuvenates your kitchen in many ways. Moreover, some cabinet knobs or cool drawer pulls can be a great way to do that.

    The best part is that they don’t cost much but presents the overall picture as a luxurious kitchen. If you are looking to sell the house, you have to add these features to hook your customer to the kitchen on the first look.

    At # 8 Open shelving kitchen

    This is in! Open shelving shows your level of organization and your luxurious lifestyle. If you want to showcase your guest with your crockery collection, then this is for you.

    Lightning these open shelves with LED lights from upwards or downwards will make things more interesting. It will make the look fresh and smoky, especially when your kitchen and dining hall are together.

    Photo by Dane Deaner on Unsplash

    Photo by Dinh Ng. on Unsplash

    At # 9 Kitchen Design: No Cabinet Pulls

    The interior of the kitchen looks pretty sleeky, with no pulls on the cabinet. Although, no pull cabinets is a fast-growing trend in kitchen designs. But it also serves to give a traditional look to your house.

    If you are minimalist or traditionalist, then this one’s for you.
    Another great feature of this type of cabinet design is that it is more durable. Who has time to get things done again from scratch, after all the earlier effort?

    This trend does not compromise your stylish look, as we design the cabinets in a way that is so much cooler than a usual kitchen.

    At # 10 Kitchen Trends: Pop of the color Kitchen

    In the trendy new look is the way the color pops creatively. Additionally, these color pops can light up the mood of your guest in a great way.

    Moreover, you can use ranges or range hoods for these color pops. The best part is the kitchen appliance already comes in these colors, and you just have to use them the way. At WefixUae, we have qualified designers that will suggest to you the trends. Further, how can you use these new techs to give your kitchen a great look?

    WefixUAE fixes all your issues and needs. We give your kitchen a classy look while making it eco-friendly and useful. We understand that most of your time is spent in the kitchen, so we put all the efforts to make your kitchen a bliss.

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