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Handyman Services Dubai

If you are looking for a handyman services in Dubai, contact WEFIX. Struggling to get all your repairs done in your home or business? WEFIX UAE can do it all for you. Tile repairs, window seals, fixing appliances and putting up shelves are just a few of the services offered by the hourly handyman. Send us a task list and we can work through it, ticking each item off the list as it is completed.

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    Handyman Services Dubai

    From small touch-ups to full property refurbishment – we make a neat job of handyman services in Dubai. If you don’t have the right tools, don’t worry! Our handyman services team comes equipped with a full range of manual and power tools: drills, wrench sets, saws, and even tall ladders. Your local handyman can also select, purchase, and deliver special materials if required.

    • Furniture Assembly
    • Hanging & Odd Jobs
    • Painting Services
    • Carpentry Services
    • Plumbing Services
    • Bathroom Refurbishment
    • Electrical Services
    • Kitchen Refurbishment

    Handyman Services Dubai

    From small touch-ups to full property refurbishment – we make a neat job of it all. If you don’t have the right tools, don’t worry! We come equipped with a full range of manual and power tools: drills, wrench sets, saws, and even tall ladders. Your local handyman can also select, purchase, and deliver special materials if required.

    • Furniture Assembly
    • Hanging & Odd Jobs
    • Painting Services
    • Carpentry Services
    • Plumbing Services
    • Bathroom Refurbishment
    • Electrical Services
    • Kitchen Refurbishment

    WEFIX UAE Handyman can help you with:

    Hanging and odd jobs

    From TV mounting and picture hanging to bath and shower screen fitting – we can install it all for you, efficiently and neatly. WEFIX UAE Handyman services team has all the right tools and skills to install whatever you need.

    Repair Jobs

    From small leaks to furniture repairs and full property maintenance – WEFIX UAE offers complete Handyman services in Dubai with expert handymans who can handle it all with diligence. We’ll send a multi-skilled repairman to your residential or commercial property so you save the time and money you’ll waste on looking and paying for a separate electrician or plumber.

    Electrical Services

    From light fixture installation to full property rewiring – we have the right electrical expert to handle your request with the utmost efficiency. The specialist we’ll send to you is fully equipped and able to help you with even the most complicated electrical maintenance and repairs.

    Painting Services

    Professional painters and decorators in Dubai can handle any painting job you’ve got waiting. We’ve got the necessary skills and equipment to finish the job quickly and efficiently without causing a mess.

    Plumbing Services

    If you have noticed that a pipe at your place is leaking, the problem will only get worse. So act now and call in skilled and fully equipped plumbers to take care of the problem for you. We have all the right tools and knowledge to install, replace or fix indoor and outdoor pipes, deal with dripping taps, blocked drains, toilets or sinks, shower faults, and anything else related to your pipework system.

    Carpentry Services

    From small home furniture solutions to building unique house fittings. There’s a team of professional carpenters in Dubai who can build you bespoke furniture of superb quality. You can furnish your home or workplace with unique units made specially for you. Also, we are able to help you with simple woodwork repairs.

    Bathroom Fixing & Refurbishment

    Cracked tiles, drafty windows, and faulty plumbing are simply signs that indicate you need bathroom refurbishment and care. WEFIX UAE Handyman Services in Dubai will provide you with ace bathroom fitters and installers for both complete or small bathroom renovations in Dubai.

    Kitchen Refurbishment

    When the doors of your kitchen cabinets fall off their hinges, when not a single appliance seems to work as intended, when your sinks are constantly clogged, and when the cheerful colours of your walls have long since faded… you know it’s time for an upgrade.

      Handyman Service Locations in Dubai

      If you are looking for a handyman service in Dubai, contact WeFix. We offer our services in many locations in Dubai, such as Arabian Ranches, Jumeirah Village Circle, Jumeirah Village Triangle, Meadows, The Springs, and more.

      Questions when thinking of commercial and office renovation in Dubai

      Questions when thinking of commercial and office renovation in Dubai will help you clear all your doubts about maintaining a budget and making it through the best designs! Also, help you choose the best services being offered in Dubai. 

      Finding the best commercial and office renovation in Dubai requires hard work, and choosing the proper renovation can make your office sparkle like diamonds. 

      Spanish homes can do much more than commercial and office renovation, offering the best rates in Dubai!

      But, before choosing the best renovation you need to consider the following things.

      1. How do you renovate an office?

      Renovation design services are the best way to renovate an office because they can offer you a perfect plan and design according to your goals. The best part is that the renovation services help you make a dream office in no time.

      However, you can also identify your goals, and then you can connect with the best office renovators in Dubai and make your new office in no time. You can also evaluate the employee demands to get a perfect working space. Also, you can follow a theme according to your office’s logo and trademark.

      2. How much cost does it take to redo an office?

      Usually, remaking or remodeling an office can cost anywhere from $10,000 and above. However, Spanish home offers a complete suite that aims to determine the requirements and then give an estimate according to the client’s budget, which makes the process highly efficient and convenient. 

      Anyhow, a professional would charge from $400 and it would exceed according to the material used. Spanish home also offers a perfect chance for creating home offices!

      3. How do you keep track of renovations?

      With Spanish homes, you can track renovations without hassle because we keep our clients updated during the whole renovation phase. However, you can make an excel sheet to keep track of costs and expenditures, which will help you track every renovation.

      4. How long does an office renovation take?

      Well, office renovation usually takes place according to the organization’s requirements and the surface area of the place that needs to be renovated. You can get a perfectly renovated office within two months and above with Spanish homes. Isn’t that perfect?

      5. How do you renovate an office for a budget?

      One of the best ways to renovate an office for a budget is to take a different approach. In a renovation on a budget it involves the following steps:

      1) Firstly, you need to remove the things and de-clutter the space.

      2) Now, you need to completely change the floor plan and add new flooring, which will help change your office’s experience right away!

      3) You need to connect with a professional who will work according to your budget and create a difference. Spanish homes offer the best budget packages which will add value to your interior with elegance.

      6. How much does it cost to renovate a house in Dubai?

      Dubai is an extravagant city where everything is embellished with class and luxury. Spanish homes should be your one-stop solution if you want to follow a similar format because we offer the best rates.

       However, renovating a house can cost you from 9000 dirhams and above to achieve your classic and elegant home without a doubt.

      Want to make your home a better place to live? Well, renovate it and fall in love with the results!

      7. How do you budget for an office renovation?

      One of the best ways to set a budget for office renovation is to evaluate the renovation cost per square foot. Next, you will need to multiply this cost by the number of square feet you need to renovate, and that’s how you evaluate the cost and budget for commercial office renovation and remodeling.

      8. How much does it take to design an office?

      One of the best ways to evaluate the cost of designing an office is to get connected with a contractor. These contractors will help you give an estimate before starting the renovation.

      In addition, the cost is evaluated by the price per unit so that the client can get the best estimate. Also, you can keep a cost of 100$ and above per square foot.

      9. How much does home office renovation cost?

      Usually, a professional home office renovation can cost up to $100, and above per square foot, depending on the class and elegance you want to add to your new home office.

      10. How much does it cost to set up a small office?

      The overall cost to set up a small office differs according to locality, rent, and expenses. However, other cost factors include licensing and additional fees. We can say that a small office set up in Dubai would cost from $1000 – to $10,000.

      WEFIX Renovations & Fitout – What do we offer?

      Creating a stylish, luxurious, and elegant interior is possible with WEFIX. With the state-of-the arc designs, you will fall in love with the pricing segment and special packages.

      Here, we discuss the questions about commercial and office renovation in Dubai. We are sure that if you come across these questions, you can understand the concept of office renovation, which will make your styling journey elegant and better forever.

      You do not need to spend a bundle of money on renovation because it is possible at nominal rates; isn’t that a steal deal? Want to avail of some exceptional offers? Connect with WEFIX, and say hello to the best luxurious experience you have strived for!

      • A versatile and fun office renovation experience.
      • The best rates that you will fall in love with.
      • We focus on elegance, class, and style, which are mesmerizing.
      • Styling your dull space into working heaven, where you would love to work all the time!
      • Create a great home office where you can enjoy, relax, and work!
      • Ability to track your renovation and cost without any hidden charges!

      Get Professional Handyman Services in Dubai By Cracking These Top 10 Questions

      Numerous problems can arise in a home. You might discover that there is something wrong with the plumbing or that the kitchen needs an upgrade. The house might have some lighting issues, or perhaps you have discovered damage from recent natural disasters. The list can go on and on. 

      However, if you don’t have enough time to complete repairs or renovations yourself, you might need to find a professional handyman services to assist you. These handymen will be able to tackle any problem areas in your home that require fixing. Their services are perfect for homeowners who want to repair minor maintenance issues and those who want a complete renovation of their homes. 

      If you feel like hiring a professional handyman service but aren’t sure which questions to ask beforehand, keep reading to learn more.

      1. What are the most common Handyman Services in Dubai being offered?

      You may have an extensive list of renovations, but you must ensure that the handyman can do them. While many handypersons profess to be masters of all crafts, they may not specialize in the services you require. Just as you would not trust a general practitioner to conduct surgery, you should not trust a handyman to perform trade-specific work. 

      An average handyman may be able to perform modest electrical or plumbing work, such as replacing a light fixture or unclogging a drain. So, while hiring a non-specialist to straighten a jammed door is acceptable, consider twice before entrusting specialized tasks to a handyman.

      2. What do handymen charge primarily on an hourly basis in Dubai?

      The cost of handyman services work is determined by the size, difficulty, area, tools, and supplies required. Moreover, whether the contractor is licensed, insured, and self-employed and their level of experience are also taken into consideration. 

      Hourly handyman prices typically range between $60 and $70 for freelance workers and roughly $125 for a handyman who works for a firm. An expert handyman will know how long it typically takes to complete a specific project and will charge accordingly.

      3. Is cleanup included in the services of the handyman?

      Unfortunately, some handyman service provider companies do not provide cleaning facilities after creating a mess and thus leaving homeowners with old components, empty boxes, and messy waste. Therefore you should always confirm that the quote includes cleanup, and if not, inquire as to why. 

      Some firms may charge for cleanup, and it may be worth paying the extra amount, but make sure to inquire, so you aren’t caught off guard when the handyman finishes the service.

      4. When is the handyman available to serve you?

      Some firms provide emergency assistance 24 hours, seven days a week. Others may not have enough assistance, pushing appointments too far in advance to be helpful in an emergency. 

      Even if you don’t require 24-hour service, it’s crucial to check on your handyman’s availability to ensure he will work with your schedule.

      5. Does the handyman need a license, and why?

      While a license is not required for minor handyman repairs, licensed employees are legally permitted to undertake a wide range of operations on residential and commercial premises, including electrical work. 

      An excellent candidate should have a contractor license, which lends credibility and trust to companies. Take note of the relevant certificates and contractor’s license, and he should also be capable of handling complex technical works.

      6. Is the handyman providing a free estimate or not?

      Most experienced handymen provide free estimates, which means they will come to your home, inspect the job, and give you an estimate. 

      Don’t let a handyman quote you a price over the phone without first seeing the problem, as any estimate given in this manner is likely to be wrong. Ensure that it covers labour, parts, and a backup for any difficulties in his estimate.

      7. How important is the experience of the handyman in his business?

      If the handyman has been in the company for several years, it is a good sign that they have established success in the field and a track record of quality service. 

      A larger company would most likely have handymen with many years of expertise, but it is helpful to inquire about the services being provided. 

      Don’t be afraid to question the service provider or his company about how long they’ve been in business.

      8. Does anybody refer to him, or what are his working reviews?

      You obviously will have a good experience with a professional handyman. Therefore, you should check some reviews about that specific handyman company online.

      If you don’t find any reviews about them on the internet and still want to be sure, ask for references because an experienced one should have references to show you.

      9. Is the handyman going to handle the work alone?

      Some jobs are straightforward one-person projects. Repairing a draughty window or a sagging railing requires only one person. 

      However, for more extensive work, your handyman may require assistance. This is common for small to medium-sized improvements. 

      Don’t be surprised if your handyman hires a helper to build a fence, paint a room, or replace pieces of a kitchen. The extra workers will benefit you because the job will be done better and faster. 

      However, it may impact price, so you should be aware of this ahead of time. In addition, you should always be aware of who and how many people will be in your home.

      10. Does the handyman provide a guarantee?

      It’s good if you can hire a handyman for all of your projects. It might be a huge relief to hire an experienced contractor who can fix what’s broken and make the modifications you want. But what if something in their work fails to hold up? Will they come back if they fix a clogged sink and it backs up again? Will they replace a lighting fixture if it breaks or shorts out after installation?

      It’s critical to know to what degree your handyman guarantees their services. Waiting until anything fails before inquiring about a guarantee is a recipe for disaster. The written contract should include a guarantee.


      By considering the simple variables listed above, you will boost your chances of receiving your professional handyman’s best quality and efficiency. 

      A handyman can handle any essential maintenance items to avoid them from becoming major costly problems later on. Doing this not only saves you money in the long run, but it also helps to maintain your home up to date. Therefore it is usually advisable to contact a professional, trained handyman for home or office renovations in Dubai.

      Maintaining open contact with your handyman service in Dubai and asking the correct questions will help you ensure that you receive someone who knows what they’re doing, does quality work, and completes the job on time.

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