Bathroom Designs Dubai and Bathroom Renovation

Living in Dubai, one of the largest, fast growing, hustling and bustling global real estate hub is a thrill unmatched, however anyone in any part of the world living close to the sea knows the toll it takes on our home fixtures, especially those installed in our bathrooms.

Rusted bathroom fixtures are major issues in bathrooms across Dubai, especially the ones that were built in the past and weren’t equipped and structured to combat these issues. Renovate your bathroom now because no one likes a poorly designed, rusted, dull and boring bathroom.

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    Bathroom Upgrade Renovation Services Available in Dubai

    Apart from these services, we also offer custom solutions. Request a quote now to see how we can help you.

    • New flooring installations
    • New Shower or Tub Installations
    • Creating Vanity Space
    • Stainless Steel Fixture’s Installations
    • Creating Storage Space
    • New, Water Saving, Faucet Installations
    • Bathroom Tiles Installation
    • Toilet Installation

    Upgrade Renovations You Can Make in Your Bathroom

    Make it More Aesthetically Pleasing

    Who doesn’t want a sleek, beautiful and modernistic bathroom? Design your bathrooms according to your liking and what you think is best suited to your needs.

    Bathrooms have so much more usage and are purposeful now than they were in the past. From dressing to vanity, recently designed bathrooms cater to everything. Upgrade and renovate your bathroom so that you can get the maximum usage along with designing them beautifully.

    Shift to Stainless Steel

    Bathrooms built across Dubai in the past mostly used commonly available and relatively cheaper chrome fixtures, which don’t cater well to the humidity in the city and as a consequence rust.

    Living in Dubai, if you want a rust free and beautiful looking bathroom, renovate your bathroom and replace your fixtures with stainless steel ones. They might be quite a bit pricier than other fixtures, but are most certainly a better investment and much better in the long run.

    Design to Save Water

    Today, it’s about leading a more responsible and sustainable lifestyle. This includes designing your house to aid this and lead a better and more environmental friendly lifestyle.

    By renovating your bathroom, you can install devices that will drastically save water such as low flow showerheads and toilets. You won’t really notice the reduced water flow as much but the water wastage would reduce significantly.

    Create Storage

    One of the most important features of a bathroom is storage space. Bathrooms designed in the past were not structured to the storage requirements that we have today.

    By getting a bathroom upgrade renovation done, you can add up a lot more storage space even if your bathroom isn’t that big. There are discreet, stylish and unique ways to add storage into your bathroom without making it look clustered.

    Increase Value and Add Safety

    Just by revamping and upgrading your bathroom you can add so much more value to your house. In the recent years people have started caring a lot about the way their bathroom looks.

    If we give it a thought hardly anyone can say that they haven’t taken a bathroom selfie, hence if your bathroom is pretty, people will be interested.

    You also need renovate your outdated bathroom to make it safer. Tiles used in the past are a lot more slippery than the ones that are used in modern and freshly built bathroom. Even leaky plumbing can be a major safety hazard so getting a bathroom upgrade renovation done immediately would be a good idea.

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