Bathroom Design in Dubai 2021

Bathroom design and remodeling is the key feature of home renovation following the Kitchen. It is the place that takes care of your hygiene and is responsible for your skincare, among other things. In Dubai, some residents have given great thought and spent a large sum of money on getting a washroom that fulfills their washroom needs with some success. Therefore, here, WeFix wants to help you design a washroom of your dreams without compromising the needs.

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    Before we get into the best bathroom designs, let us understand the three basic features of the washroom and its importance in order.

    The three important features of any home washroom are the toilet, sink, and shower/bathing area. Before preparing any plan, keep in mind that the most used element in a bathroom is the sink. You often wash your hands and face every once in a while. Then comes the toilet, which can be used after every few hours or sometimes in every hour. And finally, the bathing area, which is used once or twice a day. So our experts at WeFix usually suggest making the most used elements more reachable. Place the sink closer to the door; next up, you should set the toilet, and then at the last area, you should set the bathing area. Well, you get the idea.

    At # 1 Grey Bathroom with Ceramic Sink and Wooden Cabinet Design

    At # 2 Pop of Blue Color Bathroom Design:

    The Pop of the Blue color bathroom design is the classic look given a new hot shape. You should use such a design when you have a square-shaped washroom. The blue color will give your design a sea touch. Use some small blue stone style tiles to give a great look. But remember, the floor and rest of the walls have to be simple, making the statement that blue is the highlight.

    The design requires a lot of lights to make the design look perfectly beautiful and attractive. However, you need a great ventilator for such a washroom. The best way is the use of a high-speed fan as a ventilator.

    At # 3 Big Windows in Jungle Bathroom Design

    If you are living in an open field area or you have a wonderful view. You can use this design. Use the one side visible glass so no one can look from outside, but you can from inside. But the look that it gives to your washroom is sleek and great.

    Photo by fran hogan on Unsplash

    Photo by fran hogan on Unsplash

    It is a great use of a spacious area. You can enclose the toilet area in a small walled portion. That will give your bathroom a more refreshing look. Such a bathroom design priorities hygiene. However, add as many cabinets as you can to give your bathroom design a distinctive look.

    At # 4 White Bright Bathroom Design

    This bathroom design is focused on one idea. Making your bathroom shine and bright. The whole bathroom is colored white. It doesn’t matter if it’s the tiles, wall, ceiling, or the sink. However, the addition of some contrast here and there can make things sweet.

    Such, however, do not make the floors slippery instead, use matt tiles on the floor for better safety. Additionally, you can use wooden cabinets for the sink or some ceramic sinks for a beautiful look.

    Other than that, the bathroom has to be spacious a bit, if not much. You should add a tub or separate glass area for the shower.

    At # 5 Flying Basins bathroom design:

    It is one of the most important and beautiful design trends that your bathroom design in Dubai must-have. You can add flying washbasins and other bathroom furniture that gives your bathroom a beautiful modern look.

    Remember that these washbasins are installed on the wall. However, they are not fragile. They can easily hold wait because they are attached with special screws and bars.

    This bathroom design can take your washroom to a totally different level. Believe it or not, these flying basins can be accompanied by flying cabinets in your bathroom. The white cabinets can be customized and fixed to give your washroom a glossy look.

    You can use white or grey for your washroom’s background color. But don’t forget to add some LED lights to brighten things up and make the bathroom elegant and luxurious.

    Photo by Sanibell BV on Unsplash

    So these are our 5 Best bathroom designs that you should keep in your mind while planning to design your own. Of course, no bathroom is the same. Therefore, team WeFix has dedicated people and designers that will help you create your perfect dream washroom. So, stop thinking and start asking us questions. We will be answering your questions for free. You can contact us here.

    Photo by Sanibell BV on Unsplash

    Photo by Sanibell BV on Unsplash

    Photo by Sanibell BV on Unsplash

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