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If you are searching for AC maintenance, AC service or AC Repair in Dubai, look no further than WEFIX UAE, your trusted solution provider for air conditioning needs. In today’s modern world, air conditioners are necessary for homeowners and businesses alike. Whether you are managing a business or simply want your home to be more comfortable, you need not look further than We Fix UAE the trusted solution provider in Dubai. We aim to bring you the best inline services for AC maintenance in Dubai. Besides this, we also provide installation and long-term maintenance services.

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    AC Service in Dubai

    WEFIX UAE offers full diagnostics, troubleshooting, and repair/replacement services for air conditioner units. In most cases, air conditioning issues can be addressed on the first visit with diagnostics & AC repairs.

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    Common Air Conditioner Problems In Dubai

    Poor Performance

    Having the unit regularly serviced will maintain the optimum performance of the air conditioning system. When a unit has not been serviced, the buildup of grime prevents the air conditioning system from breathing both in and out.

    Leaking Water

    Air conditioners will often leak or drip excessive water. If you’ve noticed this happening with your unit, it’s likely either because it hasn’t been routinely serviced or because the condensate pump has failed. In either case, the repair is simple and usually won’t take longer than an hour.

    Failure to Cool

    This is an issue faced by many residents from time to time and results from two potential problems: either the chilled water strainers are blocked by grit or dirt in the water, or the filters are dirty and stop the cool air from coming through.

    No Power

    When your air conditioning unit isn’t turning on, it may simply be a tripped fuse. If it isn’t, one of our technicians will come to inspect and diagnose the problem. Before the repair, we’ll provide a quote with our recommendation so that you know exactly what to expect in terms of cost and time required.

    Excessive Noise

    When an air conditioner sounds more loud than usual, it’s likely a faulty fan or condensate pump. Both are easy to fix or replace but it’s important that you’re proactive in these repairs to prevent further damage to your system.

    Bad Smell

    Air conditioning units are recirculating the air within the room. Therefore, smells and odors build upon the cooling coils. The system is removing the moisture from the atmosphere, and therefore, you can have a build-up of bacteria that can only be removed with specialist chemicals. Having the units regularly serviced is a sure-fire way of eliminating these bad smells.

    AC service includes / process and stage:

    At WEFIX UAE, we offer a wide range of services to ensure your air conditioning system functions efficiently year-round. AC repair and maintenance service offered by WEFIX UAE are the most cost-effective services in UAE. Our expert technicians specialize in diagnostics, troubleshooting, repair, replacement, and maintenance services for various AC units, including central AC systems, split air conditioners, and more. We address common AC problems faced by residents in Dubai, such as poor performance, leaking water, failure to cool, power issues, excessive noise, and bad smells. Our team ensures prompt and effective solutions to these issues, restoring your AC unit to its optimal condition. We provide the best AC maintenance and repair service in Dubai, which includes the following:

    Being a licensed HVAC, we inspect the heating and cooling system including:

    • Checking the Thermostat:To ensure that your thermostat is in good condition. We check that the thermostat is working properly and is installed away from any heat source.
    • Checking the electric connections:The overhaul check makes sure electric connections are properly fitted and that everything is operating safely. This step helps preventing potential hazards and extending your AC's lifespan
    • Lubricating the moving parts:We lubricate moving parts, reducing friction, heat, and wear, leading to enhanced performance and longevity.
    • Condensation Drain lines:Proper cleaning of drain lines prevents water leaks, moisture buildup, and bacterial growth within the HVAC system.
    • Air Filter Cleaning:Regular cleaning and, if necessary, replacement of air filters maintain smooth airflow, ensuring your AC operates efficiently.

    Signs when you need air conditioner service:

    As the temperature starts heating up, you will have to make sure that your air conditioners are in good condition and contact an AC repair service in Dubai. However, how to be sure that you need AC repair servicing in Dubai? If you find any of the following problems, you probably need AC servicing:

    Warm Air:

    If you are feeling that AC is blowing warm air, you should immediately check the thermostat. Set the temperature lower than the room; however, if AC still blows warm air, probably the airflow or compressor needs the service/ AC maintenance. Contact us and get an AC repair service now in Dubai.

    Blocked Airflow:

    Poor airflow can be a substantial cause of the poor condition of the air conditioner. It is the earlier sign that the blockage is preventing air from moving. The blocked airflow may be due to a clogged air filter, a slowly working motor, or any other serious cause which can be fixable during the service.

    Humidity inside:

    During summer, the humidity is high outside, but under an air conditioner, it is controllable. However, if your AC does not moderate the humidity automatically, it is a sign that there is a need for AC maintenance. At WeFixUAE, we make sure that you get the best AC maintenance, service, and repair in Dubai.

    We go the extra mile and even offer our clients essential checks for spotting the problems. If you are interested, get a quote now.

    Water leakage:

    Another common sign of AC requiring service and maintenance is water leaks. An air conditioner depends upon refrigerants to lower the temperature and produces condensation in the process. However, if the water is accumulating and leaking into the home somewhere, your AC is in urgent need of help. Many houses with AC and HVAC regularly get their AC maintenance and service in Dubai to prevent leaks.

    Smells bad:

    If your AC smells bad, it may be an indication of a bigger problem. There can be an accumulation of water or bacterias in your HVAC system. You may need to get the service before someone gets infected. WeFixUAE recommends disinfecting the duct, HVAC system, and the vent with the use of an Ultraviolet (UV) lamp. WE FIX UAE AC repair, maintenance, and service are the best in Dubai.

    Noise pollution:

    Air Conditioners are built-in with noise producers. However, sudden loud noises are indicators of a more severe problem. Noises can be due to loose parts or broken parts.

    However, there is no need to worry because We Fix UAE has got you covered. Our top-grade AC repair and maintenance service is designed to spot the source of the problem and remedy the best solution so that the residents of Dubai can relax in their homes.

    Our process of offering service: HOW WE DO IT

    We have made our service very simple. As soon as the customer contacts us, our experts try to understand your problem with simple questions. In most cases, we offer the quote and rates then and there.

    Upon reaching our customer’s place, we start our preliminary checks and recommend amendments whenever necessary. We also educate our customers regarding the problem and make the process transparent.

    Thereafter, the We Fix UAE team starts its magic and does the repair. Our team employs all safety measures.

    Benefits of regular AC servicing:

    Did you know that regular service and maintenance can actually extend the lifespan of your air conditioner by almost ten years? Were you not aware? No worries, here are some of the most common benefits of regular AC servicing.

    Saving your AC efficiency:

    It is common for people to wait until the AC doesn’t work until they call for service. The reason is simple, Air conditioners lose at least 5% of their efficiency every year even though they are working properly.

    Maintaining 95% performance:

    On the other hand, if you get a regular service, you can maintain the performance of your AC up to 95%.

    Reduced risk:

    Regular maintenance also means that you will be saved from any major disruptions.

    Increased lifespan:

    With increased efficiency, you will also get an increased lifespan. Moreover, the comfort will be increased, and the cost will be reduced.

    Improved cooling:

    Another benefit of regular AC service and maintenance is that the overall cooling done by AC is drastically improved. Regular maintenance ensures that all the components of the AC are in good condition.

    Increase electric efficiency:

    Reduce your bills by getting regular Air Conditioner service. The overall cost of energy consumption is reduced a lot that it saves you thousands annually.

    AC Maintenance Service Locations in Dubai

    WEFIX UAE serves various locations in Dubai, such as Arabian Ranches, Jumeirah Village Circle, Jumeirah Village Triangle, Meadows, The Springs, and more.

    Contact us today for expert AC repair and maintenance, and installation services tailored to your needs.

    Your comfort is our priority. Schedule your AC service in Dubai with WEFIX UAE and experience unmatched expertise and professionalism.

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