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AC Coil Cleaning & Maintenance In Dubai

In these challenging climatic conditions, having an air conditioner in your home or office is necessary to make life comfortable. It is a need to keep the environment and surroundings of your office and home cool. However, just buying and installing air conditioners is not enough; you need to make sure you are regularly opting for AC coil cleaning and maintenance services from time to time.

If you are looking to find the best service to get the most reliable AC coil cleaning and maintenance in Dubai, WeFixUAE is the solution! Our prime goal is to provide you with the best AC Coil Cleaning Dubai service you can get.

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    AC Coil Cleaning Dubai

    WeFixUAE understands that it is extremely important to regularly opt for AC coil cleaning to maintain your air conditioner in the long run. We provide the service with full maintenance coverage of all your air conditioners in your home or offices in Dubai.

    Why You Need AC Coil Cleaning Dubai?

    Have you ever felt hot even when the air conditioner in your home or office is set at a lower temperature? You might think that decreasing the temperature, even more, might help you, but let us tell you, it won’t. The problem here is not the temperature of the AC but the uncleaned coils.

    The AC Coil is one of the most important parts of the system as it is responsible for transmitting the hot air from your room and cooling that down to the temperature you want. However, along with the hot air, it also attracts the dirt from your room, gradually sticking to it and affecting its performance. And eventually, it gets too difficult for the coil to change the temperature of your room, and you end up feeling hot even when your AC is at 16 degrees.

    Not just that, but the dirt from the coil might also get into the air in your room and could be harmful to you and the people around you. Hence, before it harms you, your family, and your Air conditioner system, you need to opt for an AC coil cleaning and maintenance service to clean the dirt out of your AC coil.

    Importance of AC Coil Cleaning Dubai

    When do you decide that you need to go see a doctor? When your body starts showing some signs that might be harmful, right? So, just like that, if your AC in your home or office begins to show the following signs, it is time for you to opt for an AC coil cleaning service.

    • Lack of cool air
    • Problem in evaporation
    • Decreased airflow across the room
    • Water leakage in the coils

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    Schedule Your AC Coil Cleaning & Maintenance

    If you are a resident or business owner in Dubai who has an air conditioner around you, then you must be familiar with the dirt that sticks up on your AC’scoil, affecting the performance of your system. The question which arises here is, when does that dirt start becoming a problem for the AC’s coil? And what must be your schedule for getting AC coil cleaning and maintenance service?

    Generally speaking, an AC requires coil cleaning and maintenance service every six months. But this might vary on the basis of your specific system. Not just that, but in a place like Dubai, where there are often dust storms, your AC coil might get more dirty than usual.

    Apart from that, WeFixUAE has identified all the factors that might influence your AC coil cleaning schedule around the year.

    The Condition of Your AC

    The most important factor is the condition of your air conditioner. Is it new or old? Has it ever needed a repair, or is it working fine ever since you got it? To make things easier, the older your AC is, the higher chances are for the AC coil to get affected by dirt and might require regular cleaning than the new ones. However, you can avoid regular wear and tear of your air conditioner by getting them regularly maintained by top-notch maintenance service providers.

    Working Hours

    Every electronic appliance has an estimated life span, so the more you operate it, the quicker it will undergo regular wear and tear—similarly, the more the usage, the higher chances for AC coils to be exposed to dirt. If you are a 24/7 air conditioner user, your air conditioning unit must frequently be serviced for coil cleaning and maintenance, and you can enjoy a superior experience when you contact our professionals.

    Where Is It?

    Finally, as we have already mentioned, in a place like Dubai, where dirt is always found in the air, and dust storms are considered to be a regular event, the AC coils tend to get dirty more often. This matters because the AC coils work by taking the air from the outside and turning that into cool air to keep the temperature of the room cooler. So, if the air outside has dust and dirt, it is natural that the coil will also collect it on its outer surface.

    How Will Cleaning and Maintenance Help?

    When we recommend individuals about getting WeFixUAE’s AC coil cleaning and maintenance Dubai service, they often ask us what’s use of it. Well, let us tell you that this is more important than you think for the following reasons.

    Better Airflow

    With cleaned coils, your AC system tends to work efficiently, and produce a better airflow to keep the room cooler at normal temperatures.

    Say No To Bad Odors

    Getting your coil cleaned by a professional service provider will help you get rid of all the bad odors that might be caused by the dirt in your AC coil.

    Quality Air

    Since there will be no dirt, there will be clean air coming out of your and well, clean air is always healthy air.

    AC Coil Cleaning & Maintenance in Dubai

    Contact us now and get Dubai’s best AC coil cleaning and maintenance service!

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